There are many opportunities to study the Bible, talk about issues, and meet new friends at Crestwood. The following Sunday School Classes are open to anyone who would like to attend. You are invited to visit one of these Sunday morning classes—soon!


Adult Sunday School  

Every Sunday, 9:30 – 10:30 AM
In the Mission Center

Join us for adult Sunday School! Join us as we seek to live out Crestwood’s mission to connect people to God and each other. Our classes combine study, conversation and reflection in a friendly, informal small-group setting.

We offer a variety of classes for all life stages and interests. Everyone is welcome as we take this next step in our faith journey together.

Choose from one of the classes listed below:

Anchor Class
Leader: Tara Wilkinson
Location: Admin Wing

The Anchor Class keeps its participants grounded in faith through studies both contemporary and Biblical. Discussion focuses on integration of studies into our everyday lives.

Faith Class
Leader: Jeremy Paden
Location: MC 3

This is an intergenerational class where people of varying ages and life experiences work together to deepen our faith and understanding of God’s Word.

Bible Study Class
Leader: Kory Wilcoxson & Trish Standifur
Location: MC 6

Kory and Trish lead the group on alternating weeks, focusing on a study of the New Testament.

Parents of Youngsters
Leader: Class-led
Location: MC 4

This class is for moms and dads of children from birth through fifth grade. Trying to balance the many responsibilities of parenting in today’s world? This group is for you! This class is mostly gathered around a stage of life rather than a specific topic.

Spiritual Life Class
Leader: Dan Pence
Location: Bradford Room

This class studies scripture in a way which informs contemporary spiritual living in today’s world. The group focuses on practical, hands-on ways of making personal growth an everyday reality. The class focuses on study of the First Testament, with insight from the manners and customers of the ancient Hebrews.

Seekers Class
Leader: Libby Wachtel
Location: MC 2

This class explores a wide range of faith-provoking issues, from Bible study to social justice issues. Recent discussions have centered around The Wired Word, an online current events curriculum, and Paul Prather’s religion column in the Lexington Herald-Leader.




Newcomers Class: The Newcomers Class is for visitors, newcomers, or anyone interested in learning more about Crestwood Christian Church and our Disciples of Christ heritage. Led by Rev. Kory Wilcoxson and ministerial staff, this short-term class is scheduled twice a year.

Pastors’ Class: The Pastors’ Class is held for persons 10 and older who are interested in learning what it means to be a member of the church. Students will learn about the sacraments of faith, foundational affirmations of Jesus Christ as Lord, and their heritage as Christians and Disciples of Christ. Many of these students make a public affirmation of faith, enter the waters of baptism, and are received into the membership of Crestwood Christian Church. Led by Rev. Kory Wilcoxson, this class is held once a year during the season of Lent.




Bridge Fellowship: Meets last Tuesday of the month at 10:30 AM for bridge and a brown bag lunch.

Disciples Women’s Ministries (DWM): All Crestwood women are invited to participate in one of the following group meetings, during the months of September through May:

Dorcas: Third Wednesday of the month at 10:00 AM in classroom MC3.

Mary Martha: Third Monday of the month at 6:45 PM in Chalice Hall.

Naomi: Third Tuesday of the month at 9:45 AM in the Bradford Classroom.

Priscilla: Fourth Wednesday of the month at 6:00 PM, place TBD. Check the Facebook page for updates.

For more information, please visit

Small Group Potlucks and Cookouts: This is a fun way to connect with other folks at Crestwood, as different members host small group dinners in their homes for a time of informal fellowship. Watch the Crest for details.

Disciples Men’s Fellowship: This group of men meets for a brown-bag breakfast on the second Saturday of the month at 8:00 AM in Chalice Hall, and enjoys in-depth discussion of current issues.

Yoga: Meets every Monday at 7:00 PM in the Administration Wing Lobby. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Fellowship Dinners: Held the first Wednesday of designated months, these are potluck dinners and programs in Chalice Hall.

K.E.Y. Fellowship: This group meets the second Wednesday of each month at 6:30 PM, in Chalice Hall, for a program and potluck dinners.

Parents of Young Adults: This group of parents of post high school aged children meets monthly for dinner at local restaurants.

Seasoned Singles: This group is for all singles, ages 55 and over, who would enjoy monthly fellowship. On the agenda are trips, events and eating out.

Wednesday Events: Catered dinners held on the fourth Wednesday of designated months. The dinner is followed by an informative program.

Meditation Class: Meets every Monday at 3:00 PM in the Lollis Chapel.

Book Group: This group meets in a members home bi-monthly to discuss a selected reading. Watch the Crest for more information about locations and book selections.




Monthly Wednesday Events: held on 4th Wednesday. Catered dinner followed by educational program on mission work, faith issues, or community issues.

Monday Bible Studies: held in 4-6 week segments, Mondays at noon. Usually topical in nature (the Parables of Jesus, for example), or seasonal, i.e. Lenten or Advent studies.

Lenten Series: a four-week educational opportunity to prepare for Easter through study and fellowship. Held each year during the Lenten season.




Volleyball: league meets and plays at Central Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).

Softball: league meets and plays at Athens Park.