Welcome to CrestwoodWelcome to Crestwood

Thank you for visiting Crestwood’s website! You’re probably here because you’re wondering who we are, so let me tell you but first tell you who we’re NOT. We’re not the ones who “have all the answers.” We’re not the ones we are trying to make everyone else come around to “our way of believing.” We’re not the ones will tell you all the things you’ve done wrong. Instead, we are a family who believe that Jesus offers us a better way to live and to love. At Crestwood, we are seeking to build a community that is authentic, joyful, and inclusive. We welcome doubts and questions, because we believe that’s how our faith grows. We seek to show people what God looks like, but we also fail on a regular basis. We are less concerned about having the “correct beliefs” than we are about living the abundant life, a life that makes a difference for others. If this sounds like the kind of church you’re looking for, you are ALWAYS welcome at Crestwood! Please click our “Visitors” link to the right to learn more about us.


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