Repository for Crestwood’s official documents, e.g. Constituation & Bylaws, Policies, Procedures.  Each should have a date and/or revision number.

Crestwood Constitution & ByLaws

Crestwood Personnel Policy

Usher Procedures 

Matthew 25:40 Fund, Guidelines & Procedures

Church, Van Usage Policies

Building Usage Policy

Document Retention Policy

Posted Rules of Appropriate Conduct

Van Usage Policy

Financial Policies

Charge Card Policy

Minister Professional Expense Account Policy

Pre-Authorized Recurring Invoice Approval Policy

Receipts Policy

Reimbursement Check Requests for Church Related Expenses Policy

Restricted Funds Policy

Restricted Funds Request Guidelines

Endowment Fund Policy

Unrestricted Funds Policy

Guidelines for Purchasing & Invoice Payment 

Financial Forms

Reimbursement Check Request Form – Excel version

Staff Expense Report Instructions and Worksheets