There are many opportunities to study the Bible, talk about issues, and meet new friends at Crestwood. The following Sunday School Classes are open to anyone who would like to attend. You are invited to visit one of these Sunday morning classes—soon!


Adult Sunday School Classes

Unless otherwise noted, the classes meet from 9:30-10:25 each Sunday.  For further information, contact the church office. 

Anchor Class: Held together in prayer, the Anchor class dives deeply into book studies and biblical lessons.  Prayer for each participant and deliberate study set the pace for a deep and rich experience.  This class is perfect for a person interested in intentional study of God’s Word, discerning conversation, and faithful life applications.

Current Study:   The Letters to the Romans, by William Barclay.  Taking a fresh look at the book of Romans and how it informs the church today.

Bradford Class:

As the foundational adult class of Crestwood, the Bradford Class reflects the principle of our denomination:  “Where the Bible speaks, we speak; where the Bible is silent, we are silent.” Using the Holy Bible and the Standard Lesson Quarterly of the International Sunday School Lessons series, the class reads, studies and discusses Bible passages and today’s applications.

Come join us in the Bradford Room, next to the Library.

Library Class: Incorporating World War II wisdom and everyday know-how, this drop-in style of class likes to take a spiritual twist on common things, support one another’s lives and use conversation as the beginning point of study.  Every person is a teacher and every person is a student.  This class is perfect for someone looking for a little slice of everything, but a whole lot of faithful friendships.

Current study: Topical per Sunday

Mary and Joseph Class: This class of singles and couples explores growing ourselves and our families spiritually. We delve into how our Christian faith informs our family life and engage in lively discussions on a variety of topics as we grow in our relationship to God and each other. We are an active group that seeks to make a positive impact on our families, church family, community, and the world. This class is perfect for someone seeking a community of adults sharing the challenges of teaching and raising faithful children in today’s world.

Currently Studying: Sacred Pathways: Discover your Soul’s Path to God by Gary Thomas

Faith Class: Lively conversation and diverse perspectives inform the Faith Class’s study of contemporary topics.  Balancing fellowship with the focus of the day’s study this class challenges one another to apply our faith in real life contexts and share a funny story.  This class is perfect for anyone seeking a loosely structured format of learning with a friendly bunch of people.

Current study:  The Wired Word

Seekers’ Class: Seeking a faith that grows in compassion and response to the world’s needs, this class delves deeply into the challenges of being Christian in a pluralistic world.  Embracing social problems with Christian ethics this class seeks ways to grow in faithful living and giving.  This class is perfect for someone asking challenging questions of the world and seeking a discerning group of people to explore ways to respond to these questions.

Current study:  PBS video series

Spiritual Life Class: Holding the bible in one hand, and the world’s possibilities in the other, the Spiritual Life class seeks ways to be a spiritual person in today’s world.  Engaging in a thorough bible study where everyone is open to be both teacher and student this class discovers new insight into a well-known text.  This class is perfect for people new to the faith and someone seeking an open discussion on how to make personal growth and spiritual life an everyday reality.

Current study:  The Book of Acts.  Upon completion of an in depth study of Paul’s Epistle to the Ephesian which, in capsulated form, lays the basic foundation for our Christian salvation and responsibilites, the class opted to study the biblical records of the founding of the church and the spread of Christianity in the days shortly after Jesus death, burial and resurrection.

 Our next study will be the book of Hebrews in hope to gain greater insight into the Judaic roots of Christianity




Newcomers Class: The Newcomers Class is for visitors, newcomers, or anyone interested in learning more about Crestwood Christian Church and our Disciples of Christ heritage. Led by Rev. Kory Wilcoxson and ministerial staff, this short-term class is scheduled twice a year.

Pastors’ Class: The Pastors’ Class is held for persons 10 and older who are interested in learning what it means to be a member of the church. Students will learn about the sacraments of faith, foundational affirmations of Jesus Christ as Lord, and their heritage as Christians and Disciples of Christ. Many of these students make a public affirmation of faith, enter the waters of baptism, and are received into the membership of Crestwood Christian Church. Led by Rev. Kory Wilcoxson, this class is held once a year during the season of Lent.




Bridge Fellowship: Meets last Tuesday of the month at 10:00am for bridge and a brownbag lunch.

Disciples Women Ministry (DWM): All Crestwood women are invited to participate in one of the following group meetings:

Dorcas: Third Wednesday of the month at 9:30am in the Library.

Hannah: Fourth Wednesday of the month at 10:00am in the Library.

Mary Martha: Third Monday of the month at 7:00pm at hostess’ home.

Naomi: Third Tuesday of the month at 9:45am in the Bradford Classroom.

Thursday Morning: Third Thursday of the month at 10:00am at hostess’ home.

Rachel: Designated Sunday of the month for a potluck lunch at 12:15pm in the Bradford Classroom.

Dinners of Eight: This is a way to meet people in small groups. March through June, groups of eight, both single and married, meet in homes for dinner and fellowship.

Disciples Men’s Fellowship: This group of men meets for a brown-bag breakfast on the second Saturday of the month at 8:00am in Chalice Hall, and enjoys in-depth discussion of current issues.

Yoga: Meets every Monday at 7:00pm in the Administration Wing Lobby. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Fellowship Dinners: Held the first Wednesday of designated months, these are potluck dinners and programs in Chalice Hall.

K.E.Y. Fellowship: This group meets the second Wednesday of each month at 6:30pm, in Chalice Hall, for a program and potluck dinners.

Parents of Young Adults: This group of parents of post high school aged children meets monthly for dinner at local restaurants.

Seasoned Singles: This group is for all singles, ages 55 and over, who would enjoy monthly fellowship. On the agenda are trips, events and eating out.

Wednesday Events: Catered dinners held on the fourth Wednesday of designated months. The dinner is followed by an informative program.

Meditation Class: Meets every Monday at 3:00pm in the Lollis Chapel.

Book Group: This group meets in a members home bi-monthly to discuss a selected reading. Watch the Crest for more information about locations and book selections.




Monthly Wednesday Events: held on 4th Wednesday. Catered dinner followed by educational program on mission work, faith issues, or community issues.

Monday Bible Studies: held in 4-6 week segments, Mondays at noon. Usually topical in nature (the Parables of Jesus, for example), or seasonal, i.e. Lenten or Advent studies.

Lenten Series: a four-week educational opportunity to prepare for Easter through study and fellowship. Held each year during the Lenten season.




Volleyball: league meets and plays at Central Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).

Softball: league meets and plays at Athens Park.