-A Ministry of Crestwood Christian Church


       In January of 2007, Crestwood’s Shalom Committee for Peace and Social Justice began a bi-monthly ministry to the Fayette County Detention Center.  The purpose of the ministry is to offer an opportunity of communion to those who are incarcerated, not to evangelize or to convert.  The worship service and communion is offered to 12 of the units at least once a month.

We go to the Detention Center to share God’s message of grace through the act of communion.  Without fail, I always feel that the experience is as spiritually rewarding to those of us going to provide this service as it is to those whom we serve.  One truly feels the Sprit of God in that shared experience and is aware of the transcendence of God’s blessing over place and time.       –Lucy Wells

            Interested participants must undergo a background check and attend security classes at the Detention Center in order to be a part of this ministry.  Contact the church using the “Contact Us”  link below for more information.